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For small or large business applications,  our scalable Hosted PBX Solutions offer a total solution across voice, data, video and conferencing environments, extending the value of your existing or new infrastructure without the future upgrade expenses associated with growth.


The real beauty of a hosted PBX environment is that a technician does not need to be dispatched to your premises to solve a problem. Our technicians work remotely and are thus able to solve any issues in seconds. Very seldom does a technician need to be dispatched.


A shift to a Hosted PBX system environment offers an immediate 35% saving across all communication services. A PBX system that will grow with you into the future and save on costs. Enjoy free inter office and calls between staff members using the network.

Hosted PBX System Diagram

hosted pbx diagram

What is a hosted PBX System?

A hosted PBX literally means that the hardware, apart from the telephone itself, is located and hosted at your service providers data centre. The only physical equipment that you need at your office premises are the telephones and a network router which you probably already have.

The telephones, employee mobile devices and other hardware like laptops or tablets are all connected to the Voice and data network allowing employees on the network to communicate between one another completely free using the network whether they are sitting in the office, a hotel room in another country or at home.

Why is servicing faster with a hosted PBX system?

Traditional PBX systems have the hardware attached to the wall in your office and in order for a technician to sort out any problems you have, he needs to attend on site, test the cards, test the phones and then see what is required to repair the problem.

In a hosted PBX environment, a technician logs into the network and is able to see exactly what the problem is on the network. In most cases, the problem can be solved by the technician in his remote position but even if a telephone or port on the router needs replacing, the technician is dispatched with the required piece of equipment to do the repairs.

Hosted PBX systems are particularly efficient for business that operate from multiple locations and have branches dotted around the world. The hosted PBX system allows them to manage their telecoms from one single platform, see billing details and many other information system items down to a call cost per user or a remote call recording system managed from a central location.

What are the Benefits of a Hosted PBX System?

The most remarkable benefit of a hosted PBX system is the ability to offer the same extremely high tech telecommunications to small business as well as global corporations without being prohibitively expensive.

Immediate cost saving: The initial cost of a hosted PBX system is far lower than a traditional PBX without the need for hardware, which is now hosted by Cellcor networks.

Call cost Savings: As a hosted PBX user your call costs are significantly reduced the minute you switch over to a hosted environment.

Number portability: You do not need to change your telephone numbers as a hosted PBX system user. Existing telephone numbers are ported. You will also have access to premium number services Eg: 087 00 11 22 33

Geograhic Flexibility: Your employee can connect multiple telecommunications devices to the network and work from home, while on business trips, in their motor vehicles or at the office all while on the office network. For example, you could transfer a call from your mobile phone while at lunch with a customer in Durban directly to the service department in Johannesburg using your mobile phone.

If my business grows, how scalable is a Hosted PBX system?: The minimal cost of scaling up or down is one of the Hosted PBX systems major benefits. Because you do not have any physical PBX on your wall, adding additional telephones to your network is as simple as sending an email to Cellcor with the new employees name and department and requesting a telephone. The new user is set up on the system remotely and as soon as the telephone is plugged in to the network point, “Voila” new user up and running.

These are the main benefits of migrating to a hosted PBX system but to get any questions regarding your network, prices or any other questions you may have, please submit a quote request or contact us and a technician or a sales professional will get in touch with you.


IP PBX systems are fast becoming the standard in Corporate South Africa


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